Tuesday, February 06, 2007

AchAryar after thirumanjanam

Thaniyan - Sri EmbAr
rAmanuja padhachchAya gOvindAhvAna pAyini |
thadAyattha svarUpAssA jeeyAnmadviSramasthali: || by Sri Parasara Bhattar

AchAryar after thirumanjanam inside the mandapam, ready for purappAdu, before sAtthupadi. After seeing this sEvai, all the bhAgavathAs exclaimed, EmbAr is in resemblance with His AchAryar Srimath Ramanujar in looks and style. Swamy EmbAr is known for his kArunyam even towards a snake. While EmperumAnAr was in Thirumalai for learning Srimad Ramayanam from his AchAryar Periya Thirumalai Nambi, sishyA of his AchAryar, EmbAr put his hand inside the snake's mouth to remove the thorn which got strucked on its tongue, so that it would be relieved from pain. This is also said in "ThirukOlUr peNpiLLai Rahasyam" at 79th word as "vAyiRkai ittEnO embAraip pOlE". Similarly by seeing us in this samsAram, Swamy embAr would definitely releive us from pain and lift to the divine lotus thiruvadi of Srimad Ramanujar. To enjoy that anubhavam of embArs' unique kArunya smile and Srimath Ramanujar's resemblance, click and enlarge the picture!!